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Journal’s Policy


Journal’s Policy:

  • The Journal is fully committed to the internationally recognized publishing and ethical standards.

  • The Journal publishes original research papers that address issues and topics of economics, which have not been previously published, and have not been shared with another party.

  • The Journal does not accept any research paper (or a peer-review) that carries ideas against intellectual and social security, or involves any kind of prejudice, aggression, extremism, or ideological ranting.

  • The Journal receives scientific papers extracted from theses, provided that it is stated, and in accordance with terms and conditions applicable to other scientific papers.

  • The Journal receives book reviews and abstracts of theses which is related to the journal domain.

  • The Journal does not charge any fees for the publishing process and its procedures (i.e. publishing is free for all researchers).

  • In accordance with the Journal conviction about the importance of publishing research electronically; the approved papers will be published, upon being reviewed, on the Journal's website even prior to being printed.

  • The Journal grants free access to all approved research papers upon their publication on its website, as a contribution to advancing research pioneering and enhancing information exchange.

  • The Journal has the right to produce and format the research in an accordance with its editorial and publishing style.

  • The editorial board has the right to set priorities for publishing research.

  • The opinions contained in the published materials express the researchers' point of view only, and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Journal.

  • The Journal adheres to the considered standards of scholarly publishing ethics; as all papers are subject to strict examination and review, and the Journal takes decisive anti-plagiarism actions. 

  • Research can be submitted for publication throughout the year. In the event of a pause, it will be posted on the journal's website, and researchers will be notified via e-mail when publication requests are sent.

Last updated on : May 21, 2023 10:20pm