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Research publication request


Journal’s Policy:

  • The Journal is fully committed to the internationally recognized publishing and ethical standards.
  • The Journal publishes original research papers that address issues and topics of economics, which have not been previously published, and have not been shared with another party.
  • The Journal does not accept any research paper (or a peer-review) that carries ideas against intellectual and social security, or involves any kind of prejudice, aggression, extremism, or ideological ranting.
  • The Journal receives scientific papers extracted from theses, provided that it is stated, and in accordance with terms and conditions applicable to other scientific papers.
  • The Journal receives book reviews and abstracts of theses which is related to the journal domain.
  • The Journal does not charge any fees for the publishing process and its procedures (i.e. publishing is free for all researchers).
  • In accordance with the Journal conviction about the importance of publishing research electronically; the approved papers will be published, upon being reviewed, on the Journal's website even prior to being printed.
  • The Journal grants free access to all approved research papers upon their publication on its website, as a contribution to advancing research pioneering and enhancing information exchange.
  • The Journal has the right to produce and format the research in an accordance with its editorial and publishing style.
  • The editorial board has the right to set priorities for publishing research.
  • The opinions contained in the published materials express the researchers' point of view only, and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Journal.
  • The Journal adheres to the considered standards of scholarly publishing ethics; as all papers are subject to strict examination and review, and the Journal takes decisive anti-plagiarism actions.
  • Research can be submitted for publication throughout the year. In the event of a pause, it will be posted on the journal's website, and researchers will be notified via e-mail when publication requests are sent.


Publication Guidelines:

  • Publishing requests shall be sent via e-mail:
  • Researcher(s) shall carefully read the terms of statement of pledge and attach it after approval and signature.
  • The research paper shall be sent in a (Word) format with pages serially numbered, and in its final form, including tables, figures, and pictures within the text.
  • Researcher(s) shall not include in the body of the paper what reveals their identities except in the first page (to be separated from the research), where personal information of the researcher and the co-researchers are provided.
  • Researcher(s) must adhere to the conditions and specifications of research and ensure, prior to submitting their work, that it is free of linguistic, grammatical, and spelling mistakes.
  • After sending the publication request to the Journal, the researcher will receive a note of the arrival of the request.
  • The editor-in-chief receives and forwards the application, after review, to the editorial board for initial examination.
  • Following the editorial board’s initial approval of the research validity, it is forwarded to peer reviewers specialized in the field addressed by the paper.
  • Once the reviewers' responses are submitted, they are reviewed by the editor-in-chief who then makes a decision, in accordance with the peer reviewers’ comments, either by approval of publication, amendments, or rejection of the publication.
  • In the event that there are amendments, the paper shall be submitted, after the researcher makes the necessary amendments, to the editor-in-chief with a file that includes a table to show the researcher's implementation of the reviewers’ comments.
  • The editor-in-chief forwards the file to the auditor, who is a member of the editorial board; for comparison and giving a decision over the extent of the researcher's commitment to implement the comments.
  • Once the auditor’s response and recommendation are submitted, they are reviewed by the editorial board, and accordingly the researcher is informed by the final decision.
  • If the research is approved and validated for publication in the Journal, a letter of approval of publication will be sent to the researcher. If the research is declined for publishing, a letter of apology will be sent.
  • In the event that the research is approved for publication, all the publishing rights shall be granted to the Journal, and the approved research may not be republished in any other publishing outlet, paper or electronic, without written permission from the Journal’s editorial board.

Research Paper Specifications:

  • The research word number count should not exceed (10,000) words, including Arabic and English abstracts, tables, figures, pictures, references, and appendices, if any.
  • Page margins are (2.5 cm) on all sides, except for the left side, 3 cm; with single line spacing.
  • The research data shall be written on a separate page (before the start of the research pages) in both Arabic and English, and must contains: the research title, the name of the researcher(s), the institution to which research(s) are affiliated, and contact details, followed by the research pages, starting with the first page which  must contain the title of the research only, followed by the Arabic abstract, the English abstract, then the entire research.
  • The research body shall be written in the form of two columns with 1 cm distance, except for the first page of the research (which must be in one column) and includes the title of the research and the Arabic and English abstract.
  • The (Arabic / English) abstracts shall not exceed 200 words and include the main research elements: the subject of the research, objectives, methodology, and key findings and recommendations.
  • Each abstract (Arabic / English) shall be followed by up to 5 keywords that indicates the subject of the research.
  • The font type used in the text for Arabic research is (Lotus Linotype), font size is (14), and titles must be in (Back Bold). As for footnotes, they must have (8) as a font size, and (10) for tables and figures, while the header or comment on the figure have to be in (Bold).
  • The font type used in the text for English research is (Times New Roman), font size is (12), and titles must be in (Back Bold). As for footnotes, they must have (8) as a font size, and (9) for tables and figures, while the header or comment on the picture or figure have to be in (Bold).
  • All numbers in the search are written as: 1,2,3,4,5,6….
  • It is a must to mention the foreign term along with its corresponding Arabic.
  • The numbering of the search pages is in the middle of the bottom of the page.
  • Tables, illustrations, pictures and figures must be in suitable space within the journal, with a title for each table, and a comment for each figure or picture, with reference to the source if it is quoted, and to be inserted in separate pages (along with into the body of the research). All pictures and figures must be inserted with a resolution of at least 300 dpi along with clear colors and legible data.
  • Footnotes: are used to provide readers with explanatory information and are referred to in the text with superscript numbers, with comments numbered sequentially within the text. If necessary, it is permissible to refer to a reference within the footnote and is written in the same way as citation in the body of the research. The footnotes are placed on the same page to which they are mentioned and are separated by a horizontal line from the body of the research.
  • Mathematical equations: must be numbered and written using one of the following two programs: Math Type or Equation
  • Abbreviations: The abbreviations of periodicals titles must be used as stated in The World List of Scientific Periodicals, and internationally standardized abbreviations such as: cm, mm, m, km, ml, kg, .... etc. must be used instead of writing the full term.
  • The approved style of citation references is the seventh edition of APA (American Psychological Association- APA - 7thED). Thus, researcher(s) must adhere to this format when having in-text citation or when writing references in the list of references.
  • The list of the Arabic references must be translated into English and added after the list of the Arabic references and before the English references (titled: (Arabic References).

Research Publication Request

Write the research according to the research Paper Specification, then send the research to the journal's official email:





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